we believe

Here at Bistro we believe in the power of ideas.
Ideas that disrupt. Only these types of ideas can make strong impressions.

We build concepts off of strong insights, fuelled by insights into human behaviour.

We’re curious. We believe in asking great questions, because they spark great answers. We question the norm and push to deliver concepts that move the audience.

We understand that the “Medium is the message”
Centred around a digital mindset, our marketing mix covers all media.

Great ideas can unlock a box of possibilities.
Possibilities that have the power to impact our daily lives.

who believes in us

Google UK, Vodafone, Česká spořitelna, Heureka, Škoda, Sazka, Rockaway, Aquila

ready for new adventures

contact us

Bistro Agency s.r.o.
Argentinská 1610/4
170 00 Praha 7

IC 01721224 | DIC CZ01721224 | +420 608 832 398

what's popping

break news

Think big and do no less

With our Rupturalism campaign for Lenovo, we managed to disrupt popular beliefs and introduce
a whole new term to the smartphone user’s dictionary.


make a decision

Support your choice with the right reasoning

Our campaign for ŠKODA TRUMF helped people decide the way
their bright future should take in a brand new ŠKODA car.

think fresh

Find new meanings and perspectives

For Česká spořitelna we came up with a new and tasty way of presenting the otherwise not very popular topic of mortgages to the people.


be responsible

Become inspired by nature

We managed to plant new ideas and strengthen the nature-brand connection
for the ŠKODA AUTO CSR campaign with our unique Hlas lesa installation.


create emotions

Feel the rush and say it loud

Each game you bet on will bring you even more thrills. We came up with the new visual
identity for SAZKA BET to support this sports statement.

tell a story

Expect the unexpected

With Adidas we went on a long run to bring original and challenging content
to the local audience – as in our Unexpected event campaign with famous Czech athlete Gábina Koukalová


stay sharp

Always have an eye for detail

We made the ŠKODA OCTAVIA microsite directly reflect the new model and its unique shape,
brilliant characteristics and cutting-edge design.



A brand is not just a trendy design

The name, logo, purpose, positioning - we have to carefully consider
all of these in the equation when building a timeless brand.


Be Inventive. Drive Forward.

An eloquent, choreographed HR campaign that reminds us
that “people” drive the innovation of a brand.